Mark Cornick

Do Something Different

NOTE: In the spirit of continuing to try different things, many of the choices I've made below are now out-of-date, as I've moved on to even more different things. The general spirit of this post is the same, though! (March 29, 2014)

Ansible, Homebrew, and DigitalOcean

I’ve been having some fun recently with Ansible. I’ve managed to put together a set of playbooks that create the site you are now viewing from scratch, including creating the servers (er, “droplets”) on DigitalOcean. (March 5, 2014)

This One Goes To 11

Tonight I upgraded TeamSnap’s Chef server from Chef 10.x to Chef 11.x. It mostly went as described in the Opscode blog article, but I wanted to add a few things to the story: (March 22, 2013)